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The Importance of Exercise and Its Role in Maintaining Balance

The Importance of Exercise and Its Role in Maintaining Balance

When a person ages, their body undergoes several changes – they begin to have decreased muscle tone, poor eyesight, and declined limb strength; all these factors contribute to a loss of balance. Understandably, for someone younger, a little balancing problem might not pose that much of a threat. But, for someone a little older, the impact from a fall could mean fractures or concussions which could lead to serious health risks. This is why, regardless of how minor or insignificant this may seem for most age groups, balance – losing it or (hopefully) keeping it – is actually a major part of an older adult’s day to day.

Understanding Balance

To better understand the difficulties of the elderly with balance, it is first important to know what balance is. In essence, balance refers to one’s ability to move without falling. This involves one distributing their weight with every shift or movement and ensuring that they can hold a stable, stationary position. Although it may sound complicated, there are many simple ways seniors can maintain balance. One of the most effective ways would be to engage in routine exercise.

Exercise and How It Promotes Better Overall Health

In our years of experience providing physical therapy in League City, Texas, we can say that the body is like a machine. If you take care of your body and make it to be well-oiled and maintained, it will continue to function pristinely. However, if you allow rust to dull all your cogs and gears, you can’t expect your it to work as flawlessly.

For this very reason, exercise – body’s natural remedy – has always been a vital part of many therapy services. By exercising your body, you can gain better muscle tone, reflexes, bone strength, and even cognitive functions! Exercise not only improves balance, but it also improves overall health!

How We Can Help

If you are looking for a facility that can help guide you through the right kind of exercise for your condition, we provide physical therapy in Texas and its surrounding areas. For more information about our services, visit League City Physical Therapy today!

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