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At League City Physical Therapy, our aim is to provide high-quality physical therapy and rehab services to the people of Texas. No matter what their physical therapy needs are, we make certain that each of our patients gets to achieve the care they deserve. Thus, we are happy to announce that our clinic is part of the Direct Access program that provides access to evaluations and treatment to our patients.

With Direct Access, the government is allowing individuals and families to seek the skill of a therapist without having to go to a general practitioner for a referral of prescription. With this, out-of-pocket expenses will be lessened. Direct Access encourages you to regain control of your health by choosing a care approach that will best fit your needs. The laws set by the government are also made to enhance your relationship between you and your physical therapist, thus permitting the therapist to design a plan of care and treatment with you as a team.

For more information regarding Direct Access, please feel free to visit the American Physical Therapy Association’s website at

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